Like many things in life and business “One size does NOT fit all….”.

When looking at PR for a business/product you need to look at 3 things:

1.  What PR is best for your business/product?

2.  Which approach is best for your customer?

3. Will you do your own PR or hire externally?

Here at Vibrant PR we provide a FREE initial consultancy where we look at your product/business in order to determine what will work best for YOU!

Once your business/product and client base have been discussed we look at your capabilities and passion on doing your own PR and set you up to effectively target your audience.

Alternatively you can leave the PR in our capable hands where we market you effectively to gain the deserved exposure and attention from your audience.


Vibrant; “Full of energy and life…..”


We engage with you and your audience Passionately and Vibrantly!  It’s important to capture the essence of both companies (me and you) in order to work effectively together.

Vibrant PR have the ability to crate a positive and lasting impression on brands both online and offline.  We are passionate about assisting people with their professional and personal goals and enjoy providing the tools to do so.  With passion comes results, people can see when we are enthusiastic and excited about things both in writing and face:face.  This passion engages with existing clients, attracts new clients and generates into sales or at the least new interest.

We thoroughly enjoy networking with people and believe our services will prove beneficial and informative for both you and your customers.

If you are keen on having a consultation, please contact me on 07939 000 817 to further discuss.


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